Saturday, June 18, 2011

a job!!!!!

I finally got a job! I'm working in the kitchen in a hotel in downtown DC. This is really the best city in America, lots of jobs if you have a skill. Been going to meetings, haven't been using at all but I have a "planned relapse" when my stock market money  comes in on wednesday- $3500! First things first- gas up my ride, buy groceries for the week, buy R something special, buy some summer clothes for both of us. Then I got about $200 set aside for get high. Hooray for the stock market! Hooray for my job! Hooray for DC!

For those of you who like to project "your" addicts behavior onto me: here is a list of things that I've read about on these blogs, but that I've never done:
-gone to jail
-slept in the streets not by choice
-stolen from anyone, especially my family
-pawned someone elses jewelry or electronics
-screamed and cursed at my family (past age 16)
-been fired from a job, kicked out of school, or kicked out of anything really
-gone to rehabs detoxes and halfway houses
-spent all my food money on drugs
-blamed my family for my addiction
-"borrowed" anyones car without permission
-neglected my child to get high or because I was high
-left R with anyone to do anything besides go to work, school, or run necessary non-drug errands
-used someone else's credit or debit card without permission
-broken into anything (house or business)
-sold drugs to kids under 18
-shot up with a needle (gross)
-driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol
-physically abused my child or even had CPS know I exist

I am not your typical addict. I am responsible and I take care of my business. Please no projecting.


  1. ya might want to give the 7th one on the list a try. Otherwise, where do you think this is going ? How long can you keep doing drugs and raising your daughter ? I you think you can do this for the next 40 yr.s or more ? What is the forward projection you have about this ? Just curious, truly.

  2. I like the idea of wavering on the line between recovery and mild use better than outing myself to my family who will (just like so many) immediately see me as someone who can't be trusted and leaving my child alone to "find myself" in some expensive treatment facility (or even worse, a cheap treatment facility.


  3. "Then I got about $200 set aside for get high."

    You really are delusional. You say you are living at home to save money so you and your kid can move out, so obviously you don't have 1,000's of dollars in the bank yet you can spend hundreds of dollars to get high???? Do you have an emergency savings acct in case you lose your job? Do you have a college savings account for the kid? If not, you shouldn't have $200 "extra" to get high.

  4. I have thousand of dollars in the bank. My best friend is an investment banker and has helped me quite a bit. She obviously doesn't know I get high. College? I paid for my own college, my brother paid for HIS own college, R can pay for her own college when she gets there.

  5. You sound so very out of touch with reality. If you have "thousand" of dollars in the bank, than nothing you have said in your blog posts makes any sense. Samisascam is right.

  6. This blog is a poorly researched scam...another case of Munchhausen by internet. The gaps, incorrect reactions, and statements made simply to illicit a response scream that you are an attention seeker.

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